Voting with Your Dollars Part 2

100616blog1I think we’ve all heard the expression “put your money where your mouth is” or “vote with your dollars” yet how many times do you really do it? With a big, huge voting opportunity coming up for us all on November 8, voting with your dollars takes on even more meaning.

But what about everyday life? How do the buying decisions we make really impact our day to day life? Our health? Our wallets?

OK, the whole thing about “voting with your dollars” sent me to the Internet to see what interesting stuff showed up. I found this blog post about voting with your dollars in something as simple as a trip to the grocery store. With all of the apps available these days, there is plenty to learn about the companies we buy from (or don’t).

I’ve started to be pickier about where I spend my money. I would love to do more yet there is always this balancing act between time and convenience. You know, do you just run into the store and buy the same thing you’ve always bought even though you suspect they don’t support the things that are important to you? It takes some time and research to figure out alternatives. That’s where the apps can help.

It may be the same thing with your energy provider. Our electricity provider in St. Louis and parts of eastern Missouri heard their customers asking for more clean energy options and offered a voluntary program – Pure Power – for customers to pay a little more and support clean energy.

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