A video conversation with Sheridan Foster of Elemental.Green

Thank you, Sheridan, for the opportunity to share the inspiration and process for writing and sharing Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home.  This book is intended to be a good starting point for learning about what to do in a home to green it up or have a green home. The most common misconception about green homes is that they are expensive.  Not so.  I’ve worked on very affordable homes with Habitat for Humanity and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit homes.  However, most of the homes we see in magazines, tours and online, show the homes with everything in them that are often very high end.  No matter we think green has to cost more!  Honestly, green works at any price point.

Having a better home doesn’t have to be expensive. A lot of choices actually save you money. The book offers solutions that cost little to nothing, as well as bigger ticket items and strategies for remodeling, replacement or building a home.  We just need to change our mindsets a little to make choices that look good and perform well.  Green actions and products can be the everyday stuff in our home and may just be things that last longer or do their job better.

Incremental green or greening as you go is a strategy to think ahead of the kinds of things to replace or upgrade over time and make decisions that are better.  For full renovations and big remodeling projects, have an energy audit up front to identify areas you can really dig in and put things back together better.  Bathrooms and kitchens are a great place to “green up” a remodel or renovation, especially since so much of the stuff in our homes are in these two spaces. When we upgrade our homes, it’s an investment for us today and for the future homeowners when we sell.


You can order my book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or via the Green Home Coach web site.   I’d appreciate your review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or just email me and we will get it posted.  I invite you to share my message with others on your email list and/or social media?  

I am on a mission to help each of us have better lives in better homes.  The cool thing is that not only benefits you and your family, it helps our communities and ultimately makes the world a better place.  Seriously.  If each of us just takes 5 actions to save water, energy or stuff in our homes, we can change the world.  We are the change.


Marla Esser Cloos of Green Home Coach is the author of .  She is the founder and host of the Green Gab Podcast on iTunes. She lives in Edmond OK and works in the worldwide web, Oklahoma City and St. Louis MO. Marla@GreenHomeCoach.com. 877-828-1827.


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