UtiliStream Home Helps Identify Home Energy Solutions

UtiliStream-Home-ESGA few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet with my friends at ESG Energy in Greensboro, NC. They just released a cool app that is going to help residents better understand and track their energy and water use. UtiliStream Home can help identify solutions to reduce energy use, lower monthly utility costs, and increase property asset value. It will also help users plan and track energy efficiency upgrades and their related return on investment.

Useful Energy Management App

UtiliStream Home compares units within a housing development or benchmarks data with similar homes in the area, allowing users to quickly identify utility-related issues and make improvements/corrections to help reduce costs. This easy to use app with its graphics provides useful information to users to help them make smarter decisions regarding their energy and utility use.

Much like tracking food when working on healthier eating habits, UtiliStream Home uses the same principle for a dwelling.

Green Home Benefits

UtiliStream Home complements any green building program (National Green Building Certification Program™, LEED for Homes™, Energy Star™ and many others) by offering continued support to tenants and homeowners. It works “hand in glove” with HomeNav® as UtiliStream offers the specific usage information and HomeNav offers information related to energy and water efficiency and tracking about the components which use energy and water.

As each of us better understand the many incremental steps we can take to improve the costs and performance of our homes, programs such UtiliStream Home and HomeNav come in handy. They help to provide timely and useful input to action, whether it is a more energy-efficient replacement appliance choice, choosing more energy-efficient CFL or LED lighting or simply adjusting energy-use behavior.
UtiliStream Home is offered by ESG Energy, a leading provider of energy analysis and management services.

Home Energy Savings App
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