Tips For Removing Fall Leaves

Removing Fall Leaves

The Leaves Are Falling!

With the beautiful colors of fall comes the time to take action around your home. As all of those colorful leaves begin to flutter toward the ground, they can quickly become a menace if you are not prepared. Not only can leaves around your home be a nuisance, they can lead to serious maintenance and even safety issues if not removed and disposed of properly. With local and regional regulations on proper leaf disposal, removing fall leaves from your yard can be challenging. 

Keep Leaves Under Control

It is important to make sure leaves don’t pile up around your house and yard. In dry conditions leaves can become a fire hazard. Also, once snow begins to fall on them, they can make walking paths even more slippery and dangerous. It is equally important to ensure that your gutters and roof are cleared of leaves to prevent leaks and water damage.

Here are a few tips for removing fall leaves:

Municipal Leaf Collection

Many cities and municipalities provide leaf collection for residents. Check with your local public works department to see if they have scheduled pick up times or possibly a bulk drop off-center. Many of these organizations collect all types of landscape materials for composting and offer mulch and soil to residents in the spring.

Do It Yourself Composting

Another way to dispose of fall leaves is to compost them yourself. There are numerous “how tos” and tutorials online that show you how to create your own compost which is very useful for your flower beds and gardens. Take a look at this video that shows how to build your own compost tumbler on the cheap.

Winter Plant Protection

A great use for fall leaves is to insulate dormant plants from the cold of winter. By raking them into flower beds and over areas where there are perennial plants, the layer of leaves protects them. Also, as the leaves decompose, they provide nutrients that will give the plants a boost in the spring. Here is a guide for using fall leaves to protect perennials.

Landscape and Compost Companies

Raking leaves can be a good source of exercise and a great reason to get out and enjoy the Fall air. But it can sometimes just get to be too much. There are many landscape companies that specialize in removing fall leaves. Check with your local garden center or landscape supply to get recommendations on reputable companies that can quickly remove the piles of  leaves from your yard.

Fall is a wonderful time of year and the leaves are at the heart of its beauty. By finding ways to make the most of all leaves have to offer and keeping them from causing problems will surely be a  benefit to your home. After all, they are certain to be back again next year!

For more information on Fall Home Maintenance, be sure to use the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist, created exclusively for HomeNav Members!

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Julie Arbuckle December 30, 2014, 12:31 pm

This is a great article. I always gather and bag my leaves and it is way more environmentally friendly. The helping hands I use are leaf scoops which saves a ton of time. I bought them on Amazon or here

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