Marla What’s This Green Stuff You Do?

Marla with BrandI cannot tell you how many people have asked me lately both inside and outside of the builder community “Marla, what exactly is it that you do?” So I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what it is exactly that I am so passionate about and have devoted my career to. I am very passionate about better (aka Green) living, building and remodeling. I believe that every Green action is like the pebble in the pond where each ripple will have a positive impact on the environment, communities and the people who occupy them. Living Green to me means; mindful choices, using what we have wisely and sometimes just plain old common sense. Our home is one of many facets to living Green whether it be through simple actions, Green certified homes or remodeling. We all know each small action collectively has a great effect. Which is why I believe through Green living, building and remodeling we can affect enormous change one Green action and home at a time.

I can imagine you are wondering “How do I do this? Where do I start?” What is a Green Home Coach? This is where my mission to inspire and educate on everyday green living comes in.  Through easy to understand tools, resources, and solutions, I want to inspire you to action.

I offer a simple three prong approach:

  • Help Home Builders and Developers with Green Certification of their projects, homes and remodels with comprehensive offerings from concept to customer follow-up
  • Provide HomeNav® – an online homeowners’ manual which builders/remodelers provide to their home buyers/owners (and lots of green and maintenance resources, too)
  • Work directly with homeowners, especially women, and builders to learn how to effectively communicate what they both want.

For more information please feel free to schedule a complimentary 15 minute Green Discovery Session with me personally until March 5th 2015 HERE.

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