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91616applianceblogI love my appliances – they help me do so many things in my home – keeping and preparing food; as well as cleaning dishes, clothes and the house. I love it even more when they look great and perform well. Today’s appliances not only do their intended job, they can do it using less energy, water and resources. For instance, a bag-less vacuum does not require a throw-away bag to collect the dirt and muck, it just has a removable container to empty directly into the trash can.

With a new home on our horizon, picking out a new refrigerator, washer and dryer was on our list. I really liked the appliances I had in my previous home and used those as my starting point for new ones. We had several criteria – energy efficient, Energy Star if possible; water efficient for the washer; easy to maintain and use; made in America and the configuration and look. And of course, they needed to fit in our allotted budget! After I did some research (I know, it’s just something I do) we went to a local appliance dealer where there were a lot of options with most priced comparably with the “non-energy efficient” models. We found a new refrigerator, washer and dryer that fit all of our criteria and ended up staying with the same brand I’d had in my previous home. I love that we have a relationship with the local appliance dealer too.

To get the gab and more on appliances, check out the Green Gab Podcast “Foodies Rejoice – Energy Efficient Appliances Are It!”  You can catch it on iTunes too (just be sure to search for “Green Gab Podcast” to bypass the Anne of Green Gables entries).

In this Podcast, Joan Hart of Autco Home joins me and Tony to gab about appliance options, technologies and how to pick them for your own home. Autco Home is a local appliance distributor and retail outlet in the St. Louis area. Tony and I both are both big proponents of using local experts in all categories connected to construction, versus a big box retailer. Your local expert knows the products, knows the codes, and most likely knows your builder or contractor.

My favorite tip from Joan is when you are designing a kitchen (new or remodel), be sure to pick out the appliances first, before you complete the rest of the kitchen design.  Too many times, kitchens need to be redesigned around appliance dimensions and placement after a homeowner falls in love with an appliance that was not accounted for in the initial kitchen design.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to appliances today. This is good for the consumer. The manufacturers are getting behind more energy and resource efficient choices, so the manufacturers are actually steering consumers toward more efficient models without the consumers really knowing it.

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Photo courtesy of Tina Gleisner of Home Tips For Women

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