The Stuff of Our Lives

Stuff12012016blog takes many forms in our lives – physical stuff, mental stuff, emotional stuff, and on. Sometimes stuff adds up and becomes overwhelming for us – even the good stuff. Sometimes stuff adds up and we see the blessings abundance brings. Perspective and attitude matter in how we look at our own stuff just like everything else in our lives.

As we’ve settled in to our new home, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to work through our own stuff – of all types. We choose a home with as much good stuff as we could find – a layout and lot that worked for our lifestyle, as well as materials and finishes that supported the durability, lower maintenance and fewer chemicals we wanted in our home.

Moving gave us many opportunities to part with some of our stuff, especiallly the stuff we were no longer using or no longer fit our needs and lifestyle. We made many trips to donation centers, sold furniture online and even delivered some of it to ensure it had a good home for its next chapter. There was also stuff that just needed to go and fortunately much of it was able to be recycled. Despite our best efforts, we still moved a lot of stuff. While I’m not ready for a tiny house, I certainly have a better appreciation of less stuff and simplifying things.

Stuff does matter to us. It often carries the stories of our experiences, loved ones and dreams. Thinking about how our stuff fits in our lives, impacts our lives and what our stuff means to us gives us the baseline to have stuff that works for us and with us.

Ok, I realize that I may be a little obtuse here, so let me give an example. I had a set of yellow Depression Glass dishes that were my grandmother’s. I’ve had them for decades – I think since I first set up my own household. I was very close to my grandmother and she passed a year before I started college, so having some of her things in my home carried a lot of emotion and stories. However, I rarely used the dishes and they took up valuable space. Moving gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate the dishes, especially as I had other things of hers too. So, the dishes were sold to an antique flea market and someone else will have a chance to enjoy them and I have a little less stuff.

Re-thinking the stuff you have now, the stuff you want to have and how it impacts you and your household is a worthy endeavor and will give you the peace of mind of knowing your stuff fits your priorities. A few ideas to get you started follow below.

  • To learn more about stuff and how your choices in your home can affect you and your home, check out the Green Gab Podcast The Stuff our Homes are Made of – Resources and Materials .
  • Next time you need to add a furnishing, material or fixture to your home, consider making a new choice. You can choose a more efficient option (energy efficient, water efficient or resource efficient) or a gently used option (furniture is a great gently used option) or an option that will improve the well-being of your home’s occupants – you!
  • If you aren’t recycling yet, learn how easy it is and what recycling resources are available to you.  Just search online “recycling resources” and your community or town name.
  • Search the Green Home Coach blog library for more ideas.

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