The New Face of the Energy Professional

The New Face Of The Energy Professional

When you visualize an energy professional, what do you think of?  An inspector-looking person with lots of gadgets and a clipboard is the image that comes to my mind.

Well, not anymore!  The “younger generation” of 20-somethings and 30-somethings have grown up in a world more tuned in to energy-efficiency, green and sustainability. So of course more members of this demographic are entering the professions that support this growing area.

A Day With An Energy Professional

Mollie Harris of St. Louis is a perfect example of an energy professional.  A bubbly young woman on a mission, she decided to implement a version of what she saw in international sustainability by starting her own firm, ECOcentrix Consulting.  To focus on energy-efficiency and sustainability, she earned the accreditations and credentials she would need to operate as an energy auditor and consultant.

Her current projects include a not-for-profit project assessing the overall business building and energy efficiency of multi-unit housing buildings and a group of new construction homes being built to NGBS Green Certification levels as prescribed by the HUD related funding of the project.

I see Mollie as the “new face” of the new green building industry that is emerging.   She truly has a passion to share what she knows about energy-efficiency and building performance. Watch Mollie demonstrate a blower door test below.


ECOcentrix Consulting – Energy Professionals

The energy professionals at ECOcentrix Consulting conduct independent energy audits and provide energy consulting for developers, architects, homeowners and general contractors.  Expertise includes single and multi-family retrofits, historic rehabs and new construction.   Projects may be certified to Energy Star v.3, NGBS Green Certification Program, Enterprise Green Community, or BPI Standards.  “ECOcentrix is committed to not only saving you money; we are also committed to making your home more comfortable, safer and more environmentally friendly now and in the future.”

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