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Sustainability, green, or eco-friendly are all words in our conversations today. No matter what your stance on green or climate change, green is mainstream.  On the Green Gab with Suzanne Shelton of the Shelton group.  The Shelton Group is one of, if not the leading marketing agency dedicated to sustainability, energy-efficiency and the environment.  Greener more sustainable practices are becoming the way of life and most people want to be seen as “environmental good guys” and making buying decisions with this in mind.

The Shelton Group shares their findings free downloadable reports and in Playing the Planet Card – Energy Pulse Special Report, they find that concern for the environment is now a mainstream attitude, as 64% believe that climate change is occurring and is primarily caused by humans. Compare this with the 72% who believe in God.  CA concern or even feeling anxious about climate change affects 51% of us. Yet, most of us have no idea that the greatest environmental impact comes from our homes. Even people who often live green and faithfully take green actions – reusable bags, hybrid car, gardening – may have done little to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. We need to help people understand – “It’s your home – fix your home. It’s the best thing to do to be a great human being and make a difference.”

People don’t want and shouldn’t have to make trade-offs between extra features and green in homes. “We have figured this out, how to build greener more energy efficient homes without breaking the bank.” And they are beautiful.  Builders are coming around as they see that green homes sell faster and for more money, in addition to making them a “rock star for the planet.”

Read more and listen to the Green Gab podcast Creating a More Sustainable America with Suzanne Shelton of the Shelton Group.

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