Sunsets and Changing Climate Zones

The sunsets in Oklahoma City are particularly beautiful. Last night, the horizon was a deep pink and it glowed like a jewel. I’d forgotten how beautiful they are. I suspect the flat landscape and the drier air is partly responsible. I could ask a meteorologist how it occurs. Or I can accept one of the gifts of being in a new place. It brings a smile to my heart every time.

When I moved to Oklahoma City (back to where I grew up – smile) a few weeks ago, I knew I would be adjusting to things that are different than they are in St. Louis. The sunsets are only the beginning. Oklahoma is in a different climate zone for heating and cooling than St. Louis, so buildings are built differently (among other reasons). *In full disclosure, this picture was taken in St. Louis since I haven’t captured any sunsets in OKC yet

Oklahoma is in a different planting zone, so the flora and fauna are different, as evidenced by our choice of plants for our garden and yard. The dirt is red here due to the high clay content – a great place to make bricks (and you see a lot of brick here) yet no so great for clothes and the outside of our cars. And the air here is much drier and the winds stir things up – a lot. While I’m blessed to not be an allergy sufferer, like most people, I get respiratory irritation and I’m still adapting to the change in climate.

And the change extends to our home as well. Since our home was built energy-efficient, yet not necessarily green, we are airing out our home as much as possible to clear out whatever may be lingering. At least the crazy warm fall weather has enabled us to do this. And yes, it’s a trade-off – a dirtier house, especially with construction still around us. We are sweeping and dusting a lot, as well as changing air filters quite frequently to be on the safe side. It is a balancing act to breathe well in our homes and our lives as we encounter harmful chemicals in materials and furnishings with allergens and dirt (and more) from the outside environment.

Understanding your personal priorities helps you to figure out what works best for you. I have some chemical sensitivities so airing out my home is higher on my personal list. If allergies were high on my list, I would only be able to air out my home during the times of year my allergies weren’t triggered and the weather cooperated. The climate where you live factors into this all as well.

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