Home Cooling Tips That Help You Beat The Heat


With summer now in full swing, keeping your home cool can be a challenge. While your home’s air conditioning system is working to keep you and your family comfortable, there are a few things that can do to that will help it help you stay cool this summer. These are just a sampling of the home maintenance resources within HomeNav. Having compiled information on over 350 specific home features, these summer home cooling suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. (Pun Intended!)

Summer Home Cooling Tip #1 – Ceiling Fans

Home Cooling Tip - Use ceiling fansUsing ceiling fans to improve comfort during warm summer months can help you remain cool while setting your thermostat higher. The human comfort range, while wearing light clothing during the summer is between 72 and 78 degrees. To extend the comfort range to 82 F, you need a breeze of about 1.7 mph. A slow-turning ceiling-mounted fan can provide enough air flow to allow the comfort range to be expanded.

Summer Home Cooling Tip #2 – Protect Your Windows

Home Cooling - Window BlindsWindows are one of the places that a lot of your cooling is lost during hot weather. By installing light-colored window shades or blinds you can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 50 percent. In addition, hanging tightly woven screens or shades made from bamboo outside the window during the summer, can stop more than 75 percent of the sun’s heat from reaching your windows.

You can also install awnings on south-facing windows, if there is not enough overhang from the roof to provide shade.

It is also a good idea to close south and west-facing curtains and blinds for windows that have direct sunlight.

Summer Home Cooling Tip #3 – Air Conditioning System

Take steps to ensure your home’s air conditioning runs efficiently. Try to make sure your outdoor unit is shaded. Just this alone can increase the unit’s efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

Make sure to change or clean your air conditioner’s air filter at least once a month. Home Cooling - Using a programmable thermostatBecause of the constant use, it can become clogged very quickly.

You can also use a programmable thermostat to make sure you are not using as much energy to cool your home while you are away and still be comfortable when you return.

More Home Maintenance Help

For more summer home cooling and maintenance help, take moment and go over the Summer Home Maintenance Checklist that can be found in the Maintaining & Operating Your Home section of your HomeNav.

Keeping your home cool during these warm months can help make sure you are able to enjoy your summer and your home!

To learn more ways to use your home systems more affectively, look under Feature Types in the member section of you HomeNav. If you are not yet a member of HomeNav, you can join for free here.

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Moorea Hoffman (Kitcheneering) August 6, 2015, 3:41 pm

Great suggestions! I just helped my mom with a remodel of her San Diego town home to improve summertime comfort. We installed insulation and added ceiling fans to the three upstairs bedrooms. The difference has been remarkable! At least 10 degrees cooler, if not fifteen.

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