Solar for Superheroes

Solar for Superheroes

This summer, I had the honor of hosting a summer high school intern from New Hampshire – Krissy Truesdale.  Usually the first question I get is “HOW did you get a summer intern from New Hampshire?” quickly followed by “and how does that work?”

I met Krissy through her mom whom I met a conference (that’s another story).  Krissy and I talked on the phone and quickly laid out a plan to work together over the summer.  Her passion is sustainability and service – right up my alley! Now, Krissy is not just any high school student. She is heading out for a semester long program abroad on sustainability.  Pretty cool.  So while Krissy has been spending her summer working on projects with HomeNav as well as working another job, she also has been starting a not-for-profit organization, Solar for Superheroes. 

While she was in St. Louis earlier this summer, she and I had some conversations with our friends at Brightergy and MicroGrid  to give her some insights into how to go about starting her group.  Needless to say, I am so excited to see her getting things off the ground!  The Facebook page is up, so feel free to visit and LIKE if you are so inclined.

From their Facebook page:

“Solar for Superheroes is dedicated to bringing sustainable solar power to our superheroes as a way of recognizing their service.

Solar for Our Superheroes is a non-profit organization aimed to provide solar power to the “superheroes” in our community, beginning in Massachusetts. Our goal is to give back to these people who have given so much to their communities by lowering their utility bill, and to also promote renewable energy in their neighborhoods. We especially appreciate our veterans, active soldiers, firemen, policemen, and teachers with these gifts, and hope that they will help us lead the way towards a clean energy future.”

I am excited to watch Solar for Superheroes as it develops.  Thanks Krissy!