Simplifying Green For Homeowners

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A huge thank you to Chris Miles for having me on his radio show, HouseTalk Today! I may sound a bit
like a green home geek, yet we seriously had so much fun talking about our shared passion for green
homes (sustainable, high performance – pick your term)! One of the things Chris and I both are so
passionate about is helping people – both home industry professionals and homeowners – understand
WHY a green home is such a great thing. We are talking serious benefits here!

To hear more and tune in to the podcast

HouseTalk Today radio show is a regionally syndicated radio show, broadcast live via the Salem Radio
Network, each Saturday afternoon from 1pm – 3pm Central time in Dallas/Ft Worth on 660AM The
Answer. Our host, Chris Miles has over 40 years experience in home building and remodeling. To hear
our “chat” via podcast, visit

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