Simple Choices to a Better Home

Your home is your refuge. It’s the place where life happens.  You know, the little stuff that happens every day.  Where you wake up and smell the coffee, where you read your kiddo a bedtime story, scratch your dog’s tummy and all the other little actions that make our houses home.  

But our homes have a secret life.  With all the complexity of our modern life, we unknowingly may be living in a home that is not in our best interest.  It may be something big like lead paint or mold or huge utility bills.  But chances are, it’s the small stuff.  The leaky toilet, the rug we bought last weekend or the cleaners we are using.  

That’s exactly why I wrote my book.  To help you know about and change the small stuff.  In retrospect, I wish the title of my book was “Simple Choices to a Better Home – Living Green Effortlessly” because it really is about your better home and the simple choices you can make to get it.  The living green effortlessly is just a by-product.  

If you haven’t read my book yet, I invite you to.  You can order it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble via my Green Home Coach web site.  Or get in touch with me and I will send you one of my loaner copies. And then I have 2 favors to ask:
      1.  Please leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or just email me and we will get it posted.

  1. Will you copy and share my message with others on your email list and/or social media?  

I am on a mission to help each of us have better lives in better homes.  The cool thing is that not only benefits you and your family, it helps our communities and ultimately makes the world a better place.  Seriously.  If each of us just takes 5 actions to save water, energy or stuff in our homes, we can change the world.  We are the change.

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Marla Esser Cloos of Green Home Coach is the author of Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices to a Better Home.  She is the founder and host of the Green Gab Podcast on iTunes. She lives in Edmond OK and works in the worldwide web, Oklahoma City and St. Louis MO. 877-828-1827.


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