The Other Side of Preparing For Spring…Spring Storms

spring stormThe other side of preparing for spring…spring storms

I awoke this morning at 5-something  to the wailing of the tornado sirens in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Ahh…spring in the Midwest.  With the return of spring, comes the return of sometimes violent spring storms and tornadoes.  I grew up in Oklahoma – right in the heart of tornado alley, so the sirens were an all too frequent part of growing up.  Sadly enough, these storms and tornadoes often bring tragedy and loss.  Fortunately, the tornado touch down this morning was not too damaging but there was property damage.  This is a good time to remember what to do in case of a disaster – be it storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, fire or something else.  Our local Home Builder Association offers a set of recommended actions should you and/or your property be impacted by a disaster.  The six steps recommended may seem like common sense, but good advice regardless:

–          Stay calm (and don’t make any rash decisions)

–          Contact your insurance agent BEFORE you hire any contractors

–          Secure your property and recover/remove valuables

–          Prevent further damage

–          Make informed decisions related to repair contracts and costs

–          Begin the repairs

None of us want to think that disaster could strike us, but many of us will be affected by damage to our homes at some point in our life.  Preparation and planning do help, in addition to utilizing the many resources available in our families, friends and communities.  Yet all too  often, homeowners are caught off guard by home disaster, leaving the path to recovery littered with uncertainty and confusion. In many cases, the information needed is stored within the damaged or destroyed home, making it virtually impossible to know who to contact and where to turn for help.

Building A Home Disaster Recovery Plan

With HomeNav, create an action plan that includes:

  • emergency contacts
  • home inventory
  • home and financial documents and files
  • trusted contractors and utility providers
  • information and resources to help start recovery

Having a home disaster recovery plan that is stored safely online with HomeNav, allows you to quickly connect with the resources you need and know what steps to take first. These and many other home disaster resources are available within HomeNav and are free to access from your dashboard.

No one can be completely prepared for a home disaster, but by taking a proactive approach, you can know where to turn to begin the path to recovery.

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