Saving a City’s History – One House at a Time

Saving a City’s History – One House at a Time2014-04-28 14.09.56

A few weeks ago, Lindsey and I had an opportunity to tour a project just starting. Patty Maher of Tiger Lily Development in St. Louis MO specializes in saving St. Louis’ historical homes and making them awesome in the process. She renovates historical properties in the St. Louis area using ENERGY STAR and HISTORICAL PRESERVATION standards. Visit for pictures of past projects!

We walked Patty’s newest project with her and experienced her vision for the finished home while walking amidst falling ceilings and insulation – an interesting experience. After seeing some of Patty’s other finished projects, we know this one will be every bit as beautiful, comfortable and affordable to own and operate.

Patty undergoes a rigorous design and visioning process coupled with her extensive knowledge of building science to map out a project that meets both stringent ENERGY STAR requirements and historical preservation standards. In many ways a project such as this is building a house from the inside out since the shell (a.k.a. building envelope) meets the visual standards of the time the home was built, while functionally building wall and insulation assemblies from the inside. Walking with her, one hears Patty’s passion for rehabbing historic homes, and sees her experience as she points out where she will do what in this project.

Patty has won several awards for her work, including 2013 Energy Efficient Housing Contest Historic Rehab and the Preserve Missouri award from the Missouri Alliance for Historical Preservation for “integration of green building practices with historical preservation”. – St. Louis Business Journal

Patty has graciously offered to work with us to document the progress of the renovation process in our blogs. So stay tuned as we update you over the next few mo2014-04-28 14.03.34nths.2014-04-28 13.31.27 Patty 2014-04-28 14.13.24 2014-04-28 14.11.58

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