Running Your Home So It Doesn’t Run You

Thank you to AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology – for sponsoring the Green Gab podcast episode How to Operate and Maintain Your Home 

We all need training – yet most of us kind of take it for granted that we don’t really need training on how to run our homes.  As with anything we want to do better and more effectively, it is all about habits – habits and training. Operating and maintaining our homes are no different – we need training.  Even more specifically, home owner training, documentation and resources are crucial to operate and maintain a home well. It sounds a little dry, but this is a big deal.” How many times do you get a home owners’ manual with a home you buy or rent? 

Homes and home improvements are getting more technologically advanced, smarter and more complicated to run. “The trick is that if you don’t operate the house properly you won’t get the full benefits out of your home.” To get the most from our homes, it’s key to know how to properly operate the systems and components to get the best performance from your home. A walkthrough with the previous owners or the home builder is a must to get a feel for everything and how it all works. To get the full benefit your home offers, training is needed about how to operate and maintain that home to keep it in tip top shape. With the rapid advances in technology and the internet, there are many apps available to help operate and maintain a home. When we can’t do it with our behavior, the apps will help with that. 

 Documentation and training provided by a home professional – builder, remodeler or real estate pro – offers great customer service and a way to distinguish your business. Training and documentation about the home appreciated by the home buyer or owner and can greatly enhance client satisfaction. Even a one-on-one transaction between home owners – buyer and seller – that offers some basic information will be appreciated.  

AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology, offers revolutionary air-sealing solution that solves the problem of homes that leak. Air leaks are a major factor in homes that may not be comfortable or perform well. AeroBarrier stops the leaks for improved comfort, health and safety for the people living in the home.  

Home owner documentation, resources and training is a gift – a gift of knowledge about the home, how to operate and maintain it and the community it’s in. 

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