Residential Energy Guarantee Program

Dettmer Homes and Residential Energy Guarantee

I had lunch with Scott Dettmer of Dettmer Homes recently to learn more about the Residential Energy Guarantee they are offering with their new homes. Wow! A guarantee on what utility bills will be in new homes. I had to learn more about this.

Residential Energy Guarantee

Dettmer Homes uses the Residential Energy Guarantee program from Bonded Builders Warranty Group to make their energy promises a reality. Scott felt the program offers Dettmer Homes the opportunity to fulfill their motto of “Going Above and Beyond “and demonstrate how much they stand behind their energy-efficient homes. Dettmer Homes’ web site proudly proclaims “You have heard us say that we WILL save you money on your utility bills, now we GUARANTEE it?” That certainly caught my attention.

Yet there was more…”Dettmer Homes is proud to be the only builder in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area to offer the RESIDENTIAL ENERGY GUARANTEE!” Now was the chance to learn more about this program. The Residential Energy Guarantee will reimburse the difference between actual gas & electric utility bills and the utility amount projected by Dettmer Homes’ 3rd party energy consultant. To participate in the program, one must purchase a home in the program (see the Dettmer Homes’ web site for more detail.) The homeowner is responsible for reporting their energy usage to the designated 3rd party as part of the tracking for this program.

Wanting to know a bit more about the program, I checked out the Residential Energy Guarantee program from Bonded Builders Warranty Group. The program offers a simple sign-up process for the builder with minimal paperwork. Along with more traditional home warranty programs, the Residential Energy Guarantee rounds out the offerings for green home builders. A program that offers benefits for homeowners and builders alike.

Thank you Scott for sharing this program with me! I am looking forward to more builders following Dettmer Homes’ lead.

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