Voting with Your Dollars

52016 Blog PhotoWhen I purchased my home earlier this year I purchased one with a pool and a broken heater. I was so excited at the possibility of having a solar pool heater. I quickly resourced the best solar expert I could find and was so eager to have the solar panels installed only to learn that the tree canopy around my house and the direction in which my house sat ~ North made it impossible to heat my pool with solar panels and there really wasn’t much I could do about it.


Then in August I spent a week in Southern California vacationing and only after being there a very short time driving from the airport you could already see subdivision lined interstates and the rooftops on a considerable number of the houses were all covered in solar panels. I was almost having solar panel envy after a early rise, long flight and as I rode down the road I was almost hypnotized by the repetition of rooftop panels after rooftop panels daydreaming of a lower electric bill or possibly a electric bill credit. I soon realized as Tony mentions in the Green Gab podcast “What the Heck is Rec” that it truly makes cents and much more (pardon the pun) to incorporate solar on the west coast. As it also does equally so with other types of renewable energy in other parts of the country based on climate and terrain. Listen in to the full episode as our guest Kathleen Beebe gabs about renewable and sustainable energy projects thriving in the city of St. Louis. I bet you just might be inspired to explore possibilities in your own area too!

You can catch Green Gab on iTunes too (just be sure to search for “Green Gab Podcast” to bypass the Anne of Green Gables entries).

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