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refrigeratorHow Cold is Your Refrigerator?

“Hello, Is you’re refrigerator running?” “Yes.” “Then you’d better go catch it!”- This is the oldest prank call in the books and although you may not have to catch a running fridge, it is possible you may need to replace a broken one. Summer is the time of the year when I cannot wait to get home and get a nice, cold… anything really. It is hot and the fridge is the obvious choice when going for a cold treat but, is your fridge running to it full capacity?

If your refrigerator isn’t running correctly you may look into cleaning it. Refrigerators run by pumping Freon through condenser coils, similar to an AC. For more information on how fridges run check out this website from How Stuff Works. By cleaning the back of the fridge of any dust or debris you’re letting the coils breathe and pull air more efficiently. Don’t forget the inside, a good fridge clean is a great time to wipe down the inside.

If your fridge is still not running correctly consider looking up videos or tutorials on how to diagnose your fridge yourself. This tutorial from Wikihow has some tips on how to diagnose a fridge. Some of the tips in the blog range from making sure your fridge is plugged in correctly, making sure the fridge is pulled away from the wall far enough, fixing a light that is not working and cleaning out vents.

If you’ve cleaned, diagnosed and have tried about everything in the books and your fridge just won’t work, it may be time to get a new one. Going online and looking at reviews is a great place to start. Going to the store and trying out models and seeing what you like is another great way. Consumer Reports has a fridge buying guide explaining what to look for.

For more great tips or do it yourself videos check our your HomeNav Dashbord.

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