Reclaimed Pallets

coat rack  Here at HomeNav we are all either buying our first homes or remodeling our current ones. Marla’s recent blog went over what she learned during her bathroom remodel and this week’s blog will come from Danielle, who recently purchased her first home.


My boyfriend and I have been looking at homes for over two years and finally came upon the perfect house. It’s in a quiet neighborhood, has plenty of space and was recently gutted out and remodeled from a fire. This means that newer appliances, insulation and HVAC items were added. Since most of our new appliances are higher energy efficiency we’ve focused our greening efforts in other ways. Making homemade cleaners, buying low VOC paints, choosing good CFL’s or energy efficient bulbs, and even working on an indoor garden. Some of our bigger projects though have been using reclaimed pallet and barn wood to make new furniture and accessories for our house.

Most of you have heard of Pinterest, I’m sure and I frequent it daily. While there, I find TONS of great ideas how to reclaim pallet wood which is perfect! Sully, my boyfriend, can get a load of pallet wood for free and is pretty handy. Recently he was able to make a dog bed, a coat rack, and soon to come an entry way table. He has also working on a new head board made from reclaimed barn wood from old buildings on his farm.

The pictures are listed below as well as a few tutorials. Even if you’ve never worked with wood before pallet wood is a great way to start. This wood is often free and gives starters a nice leeway into working with wood.


Below is the original wood soon to be a headboard

Our version modeled by Maggie

headboard dog beds











Don’t be afraid to dive right in, there are tons of tutorials online and plenty of inspiration, you just need to know where to look. Below there is listed a few tutorial website, Pallet inspiration, how to find pallet wood and HomeNav’s Pinterest Page

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