Proud Green Home: Green Gab Podcast | Moisture – Not in My Home mentions Marla Esser Cloos’ article, Moisture – Not in My Home as a part of their mission to integrate high performance, sustainable, and “green” strategies, systems and products to both new and remodeled homes. Marla, originator and host of the Green Gab Podcast and author of Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home inspires and educates about what makes a green home green and how to do it – a bit at a time or all at once.

Marla states that one of the biggest enemies to homes and all built structures is water. Whether it’s flooding, hurricanes, mold, and mildew, runoff, or busted pipes, moisture is a real threat. The secret is figuring out how to keep the balance. Read more and listen to Moisture – Not in My Home at

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Marla’s book, Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home, was just awarded the Ben Franklin Silver award from the Independent Book Publishers Association and is now available on Kindle! 

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