Is Your Home Ready For The Holidays?

Prepare your home for winter while its warm

Prepare Your Home While It Is Still Warm!

This may seem like an absurd question. After all, it is still summer, right? Some might suggest that a better way to address this topic would be to ask “Is Your Home Ready For The Winter Season?” But, by the time winter arrives, you will be focused on the holidays and may be have missed the opportunity to prepare your home for winter.

In an effort to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable this winter season, here are 5 winter home maintenance items to put on your “to do” list before the holidays are here.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Windows and Doors – Inspect the seals around your windows and doors. Replace any worn or torn weather stripping. This is a very inexpensive step that can pay big returns when it comes to heating your home. The areas around doors and windows can let cold air rush into your home, and dollars flow from your wallet in the form of energy costs.

Fireplace and Chimney – Having your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned, if needed, is much easier before it gets cold. Because most will wait until they need to use their fireplaces to have them checked, chimney sweeps tend to book up fast when the temps start to fall. Fireplaces can make a home feel cozy and homey, but they can also be dangerous if not inspected and cleaned regularly. Make sure to contact a certified chimney sweep as they are trained to recognize potential fire dangers.

Roof Inspection – Make a visual inspection of your home’s roof. Take note of any shingles that look out of place or areas that appear damaged. Check with a roofing expert to make a formal inspection to ensure that you don’t have any issues once the weather turns cold.

Garage Doors – The seals around your garage doors can be damaged from the extreme heat of summer. Openers and guides can also be adjusted. Make sure to never attempt to adjust the high tension spring. This can be very dangerous and should only be done by a trained professional.

Make Storage Space – There are a lot of items that are kept outdoors during warm weather that need to be stored over the winter. Patio furniture, garden hoses and tools, and even plants can take up valuable space. By planning ahead, you can save the trouble of clearing and creating space while your fingers are frozen. Building storage areas and clearing out clutter is much easier when it is still warm out.

Taking some time to prepare your home for winter and cold weather while it is still warm will help you to make sure that everything is covered once the snow starts to fly.

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