Pray for Las Vegas

Pray for Las Vegas and the countless people affected by the shooting there. My heart just hurts.  Over the last 6 weeks or so, there has been so, so much to pray for – people affected by Hurricane Harvey, dozens of wildfires across the West, Hurricane Irma, 2 earthquakes in Mexico, Hurricane Maria and now the shooting in Las Vegas.

And then there are the personal struggles many of us are going through – medical, relationships, financial or something else.  I’ve been there too and we’ve been getting through our own stuff.  It’s been hard, there’s been tears, there’s been sadness and tiredness.  Yet more importantly, there’s been prayer, there’s been angels and answers to prayers around every corner and there’s been love.

Love seen in the countless volunteers rescuing strangers and cleaning out homes. Love seen in the many providing shelter, food and hope. Love seen in people donating time, money and whatever is needed.  Love seen in people lined up to donate blood. Love seen in communities coming together through crisis. Love seen in friends and families helping each other through crisis and struggles.

I was speaking with a dear long-time friend about all of this and she told me “I wish everyone would just take a breath, I wish people would take responsibility when they should and I wish we could just love each other.”

So, take a deep breath, say a prayer and remember that it all comes back to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Love wins.

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