The Power of Community

There has been a lot of conversation about the power of community. Community both in the sense of the physical surroundings and amenities which we live, work and play in. But also, community in the sense of the people who we engage with in our day-to-day lives. Both kinds of community may connect with each other in both positive and negative ways.

Case in point, my sister lives in a community where all the garages are in the rear and accessible from an alley. Tall privacy fences enclose the backyards. For the first few years she lived there, she would talk of how hard it was to meet her neighbors and get to know the people living around them, especially as the area was very much car-centric. Then the kids grew old enough to ride bikes and play with other children in the neighborhood. Lo and behold, many of the neighbors grew to be friends, gathered for community events and got involved in the neighborhood association. The sense of physical community improved as the people of the community engaged. Now, many in the neighborhood walk or ride to nearby stores and restaurants, use the trails and sidewalks and enjoy their community.

Millennials have also been a hot topic of conversation, especially in the home building and development industry. Many studies have been conducted and articles written about the power of the millennial demographic in homes, the economy and where and how we continue development.

From what I have learned from the millennials I know and the things I’ve read, the millennial demographic does want the physical sense of community with communities – whether urban or suburban – which provide easy access to amenities and community services (think grocery stores, trails and coffee shops, for instance) which also provide opportunities for engagement IN the community.  All of us want safe, healthy neighborhoods to live and grow in.

A newly built area has a clean slate and a chance to provide desired amenities to encourage a sense of community. Newly built or remodeled homes in established areas offer an established neighborhood where a quick survey of the surrounding few blocks gives an idea of the amenities and services available nearby. The sense of community is available in both types of neighborhoods, yet may or may not be present.

My personal experience has been that understanding your own priorities can be a great help when deciding WHERE you want your home to be. When my husband and I bought our current home, we choose a still-building neighborhood (there were homes yet to be built on our street when we moved in.) We loved the trails, the fitness center, the pool, as well as the quick access to the highway we often used. But, we did not take two things into consideration. One was the ease of getting to know people in the neighborhood and we felt isolated for much of the first year we lived there.  We have since connected with neighbors and the neighborhood events and social media, providing a much-needed sense of people community. Two, while we love the proximity of our home to the highway and one of my parents, we find ourselves often driving to do the things we enjoy like biking, volunteering and getting with friends and colleagues. Priorities do change, as ours have, yet we’d like to find a better location that meets more of our priorities at some time in the future.

When we are ready to figure out the location of our next home, we will consult Hoodle to look for new home developments in our area.  Hoodle will help us easily learn about the development and its amenities and services, as well as the builders and their homes in the neighborhood.

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