Pest Free This Spring

Pest Free This Spring

Danielle here, I’ve been working with Marla for almost a year now and have been given the chance to write some of the weekly blogs. As some of you may or may not know, I am in the process buying a house so I’m always on the lookout for great home ideas. The other day as I was getting out of the shower and I found my first tick of the season. I was devastated, it’s only April! Although ticks aren’t my main concern in my backyard, many other pests are.

Pests in Your Home

Ants are always a big problem in my home as well as my boyfriend’s home. There are tons of great ways to rid your home of ants and other bugs without spray. Your best bet is to just keep everything clean. Keep any sugary foods or drink cans rinsed and put away, keep your floors swept and check for access points. Ants and other bugs will go to water sources so if you have any leaky faucets fix them to eliminate any need for an ant to enter your home.

There are also tons of inexpensive traps you can set for pests with items found within your home. Fruit flies, which I personally always have are easily attracted by placing a paper funnel in a bottle filled with fruit. Other bugs can be lured into a coffee can filled with beer soaked bread. I found these ideas and much more on Eartheasy.

Ever since my tick incident I’m hearing everywhere that bugs this year will be bad. Be on the lookout for ways to make your home pest free this summer.

For more pest free ideas and much more check out your HomeNav dash board. If you do not have an account make a free account today.

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