Organizing Your Home To Start The New Year

Organizing Your Home With HomeNav

Organizing Your Home With HomeNav

Happy New Year! Now that 2013 has arrived, it is a good time to begin thinking about getting your home put back together after the holidays. As the decorations come down and things begin to get back to normal, we wanted to remind you of all the ways that HomeNav makes organizing your home easy.

New Appliances and Gadgets

If you received new appliances or electronic gadgets gifts, make sure you keep track of them in HomeNav. While they are new now, down the road you may need to refer back to the owner’s manual or have to contact the manufacturer. Store all of that important information in your HomeNav account.

Store and Organize Your Holiday Decorations

You only use them once a year, but nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find them next year. Use HomeNav to keep an inventory of where and how you store all of those beautiful items. Also, if you took pictures of your decorations, upload them to your account so you remember where you hung those stockings with care next year.

Update or Begin Your Home Inventory

As we have talked about a lot over the last year, having an up to date home inventory is a smart step in protecting all of the aspects of your home. If you have already created a home inventory, take time to evaluate and update it. If you have not started yours yet, no time like the beginning of the year to get it rolling! HomeNav’s Smart Home Inventory System is a great way to protect you home and belongings, the new year is a great time to start. You can get your home inventory started in 15 mins here! You will be surprised at how a home inventory will help you with organizing your home!

Plan For 2013 Updates, Remodels and Replacements

If turning the calendar has inspired you to update the systems in your home or if you are planning to remodel, take advantage of the resources inside HomeNav to make informed choices. With tips on just about any aspect of your home, make sure to check inside the Resources section of your dashboard before you make a purchase.

Learn more about holiday lighting with HomeNav - Join Here!Organizing your home makes it much more enjoyable and HomeNav makes it easy.

2013 is going to be a big year for HomeNav, and we look forward to serving you, our members. Thank you for being part of our community and helping to make HomeNav great! Happy New Year!

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