Oh What a Year

Like many, the end of the year is when I take stock and reflect – both personally and for business. 2016 was full of surprises, some of them quite challenging, yet all of them rewarding. I’ve grown so much from these experiences. Mostly, I’ve learned how much the right people show up at the right time in your life if you just stay open to it!

2016 opened with learning that Scott, my then fiancee (now husband) had an acoustic neuroma – a type of benign brain tumor. The guys at Scott’s work ended up naming the tumor “Bob” and little did we know how much Bob would influence our lives. Our plans at Green Home Coach were impacted too. We were just making the shift to the Green Home Coach name and business model and getting out to speak was a big part of our plans. When Bob showed up, all work travel plans and many not-yet-started projects were put on hold while we figured out what needed to be done for Scott’s health and well -being. My trips to Oklahoma City, where Scott lives, became more frequent and longer. Thank goodness for the ability to work anywhere!

We met with doctors and learned they did not want to do surgery due to the location of the tumor and they recommended proton therapy – a form of radiation treatment. Scott had already lost a good amount of hearing from the tumor and the doctors felt proton therapy would protect his remaining hearing best. After 3 months of appeals and a second opinion, and still no approval for proton therapy, we opted for another form of radiation treatment. His symptoms were increasing and we felt taking action, even if not the best action, was needed.

In the middle of all of this, I also had an opportunity to podcast presented to me. It was a great solution to sharing our knowledge and the knowledge of people we knew. It also meant I did not need to be on the road and worked well with what was happening in our personal lives. The Green Gab podcast was born! After a few episodes, Tony Pratte of The Sound Room and colleague through the St. Louis Home Builders Association, came on as co-host and we’ve not looked back. Thank you Tony!

During the summer Scott went through pre-treatment preparation and 5 radiation treatments. We decided to go ahead with our plans to move me to Oklahoma City and house hunted during the summer too. It was a great way to keep our minds occupied and not focus on what was going on in Scott’s head.  There were a few rough patches after radiation, but overall  the process worked well and everyone took such good care of us.

After finding a house, late summer and fall was our moving time – a 6 week process. In the story of the hare and tortoise, we were definitely the tortoise – slow and steady progress.

We wrapped up the year with a private marriage ceremony, honeymoon and family Christmas celebrations.  The joy of having everyone in our home to celebrate with us is wonderful.

And to cap off the year, my book Living Green Effortlessly – Simple Choices for a Better Home will launch in the next 2 weeks!! Writing and publishing a book is a life dream come true. With everything that happened in our life, it cleared some space to get the book done. Funny how things work out.

And of course, the other happenings of life were happening – kids graduating, celebrations, and more.  Looking back over 2016, I feel the growth and the possibility of what can happen from any situation. I look forward to building on this in 2017. Green Home Coach has big plans for 2017 and we hope you will continue to be a part of them.

Au Revoir 2016 and Welcome 2017. The best to you and yours in the new year.

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