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EOGOK, so don’t laugh, yet I’ve learned that musing, or daydreaming, letting your creative side roam – whatever you want to call it – leads me to amazing opportunities to share what I do more and more. I typically share it through speaking, and speaking my mind. And then I’ve learned to listen. That’s where the really cool stuff happens. Where I find I can help someone else. Maybe it’s connecting them with someone or something I know. Maybe it’s creating a solution with them. Maybe it’s something we don’t even know exists yet.

These amazing conversations and opportunities are helping me to fulfill my mission to empower women in their homes and families by sharing how green and sustainability offers a safer, healthier and more comfortable home. This also means working with the home building industry to help them better enable women, and all consumers, to reach this goal. Hence the NAHB and Home Builder Association involvement.

For starters –  I am super excited to announce the first workshop in The Elements of Green series in partnership with Tony Pratte of The Sound Room. Our first one is January 7 at The Sound Room in Chesterfield – Using Technology to Help Homeowners Live a Greener Life.  Lunch is provided and seating is limited – register now and join us!

Just this week, the following conversations – both from a “podium” and just face-to-face have happened and opened up opportunities.

  • speaking at Fred Miller’s Speak Up Presentation Basics in St. Louis. Thanks Fred and to the entire group – it was fun and the conversation about recycled toilet paper was a riot!
  • Participating in the US Green Building Council Missouri Gateway Chapter’s Volunteer Appreciation event. Reconnected with so many wonderful people in the green building industry and had 3 inspiring talks by other volunteers.
  • Another opportunity to share the message today with a group on energy professionals in the St. Louis metro
  • Planning for several talks at the International Builder Show in January – what an honor!

I’d love to work with you and your group or team on a workshop or speaking opportunity.  Contact me to learn how.

For tips, tricks, and guidelines to making your home and lifestyle GREEN, visit me, The Green Home Coach, at  I work with consumers, especially women, and the home building industry to help each get the value of a home through the language of benefits.  Give me a call at 877-828-1827 or drop me a line at

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