Moving Into A New Home With HomeNav

Moving to a new home with HomeNav

Recently, while moving into a new condo, I found myself putting HomeNav to the test and wow, what an experience! I hadn’t moved in a long time, so there was a lot of stuff to go through, tear down, and donate to charity. During the moving process, I also had to learn about my new home. Much to my “chagrin”, the sellers and the sellers’ realtor left me zero information about any of the systems or the components or the appliances in my new place, which was very frustrating. Here I am in the business of helping people learn about their homes and I knew nothing about my new home. So, I set to work.

As various service people came through the condo to help me by,  service things and perform work, I started to gather information that they provided for me and started my HomeNav for my new place.

What I learned From The Moving Process

I learned some really interesting things during the moving process. For instance, I had a home inspection before I finalized the contract on the place. He went around using a sort of voice recorder. He recorded all the serial numbers and the model numbers of all the systems and the appliances in the place. I thought, “Great! I’m going to get all these and I’m going to have this information!” Lo and behold, that was not shared with me.

I had to request that information or find it for myself. For my home inspector to share that with me would have made it much easier for me to add it to HomeNav. Or better yet I could have had him set it all up for me by using HomeNav himself. I also learned that it was really easy to go around behind him and take pictures of the serial/model tags and then I very easily put them in the HomeNav.

I also asked the inspector a lot of questions. As I was putting my items such as the furnace information into my HomeNav, I added few of notes of the things that he discussed so that I understood it for future reference. For instance, I have an electronic air cleaner rather than a traditional filter. It’s a little bit different to clean these opposed to what I am familiar with. In my notes, I wrote down the cleaning instructions that he had suggested.

I also did this with my humidifier, because I have never owned one before. While figuring out how to use it and set it, I just took a couple of quick notes as they showed it to me. Afterward, I put these instructions into my HomeNav for down the road. (When I will for sure have forgotten everything they told me.)

Another option that I could have done would have been to take a quick video or to do a voice recording while they were explaining everything to me. Then I could have just uploaded the video to You Tube as a private video and added the link to my HomeNav’s notes section.

Having all of this information that I compiled during the moving process has already come in handy.  It wasn’t long after I moved in, when I started working with the various components of my home, I found myself needing to revisit the information that I had entered.

When you are moving into a pre-existing home, there are always things that need to be replaced or upgraded. This is another area that HomeNav has already been put to use. I accessed the resources and links within my HomeNav to find information about the different components that I needed to make changes to.

A Big Selling Advantage Someday

While I just moved in, I am also thinking down the road for when I sell. With the home’s HomeNav already populated, whomever buys the place after me will see that as really big selling point. They will be able to see all of the information about the systems in the home, know how to operate them and where to find help when they need it. They will also have the contractors that have worked on the different systems and appliances in the home. They will not be starting off from ground zero like most are when they buy a new place.

I am also adding things like the homeowner’s association information and contacts, what day the trash is picked up and other local resources. These are all things I had to ask my neighbors.

Now that I’ve gotten all these various pieces assembled in my HomeNav, I found that having that tool, once again, has really helped me personally, which is why I developed it in the first place. It’s very gratifying to put HomeNav into use for myself to validate it’s need.

Are you are going through the process of moving to a new place? I hope you’ll have the opportunity to use HomeNav to help you. I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

Moving With HomeNav
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