Making the Home Building Experience Easier With Hoodle

Building a home is a new experience for most of us and a process filled with questions and decisions. Which neighborhood should we live in? What builders are in the neighborhoods we like? What processes and materials do the builders use? And many, many more. The answers to these questions help us each to determine the fit with builders we may choose to build our home. Finding the right fit comes from understanding what is important to each of us and then finding enough information about the neighborhoods and builders we are interested in to look for matches. Even with the vast resources available online today, finding information about neighborhoods, communities and builders can be a curated collection of information.

Hoodle is working to offer a better solution; a one-stop-shop for prospective buyers of new construction homes. Cindi Rhinehart and Ron Williams have partnered to build – a collection of the kind of information needed to make decisions about building a home. Learn more about how to be a part of Hoodle – listen in to Hoodle for Homes on the Green Gab podcast.

Whether building your first home or your fifth, a multitude of decisions need to be made, and Hoodle can help. Cindi and Ron personally have become “subdivision sleuths” as they check out subdivisions to add to Hoodle. In addition to aggregating subdivisions where new homes are being built, Hoodle also includes builders to build them and additional resources about materials, processes and more. Hoodle’s homeowner centered process helps people get the information they need, find a builder or service provider and dream it/build it.

According to they “…are on a mission to provide home buyers across the U.S. with the very best tools to easily find and compare information on building a new home, while at the same time showcasing builders, subdivisions, product/ service suppliers, and realtors all across the country.”

Home buyers – both new construction and existing homes – do a tremendous amount of information gathering and research long before they may even look at their first home, right from the convenience of their laptops or smartphones. Cindi has jumped on this bandwagon and uses social media to help educate and share information about building a new home and making the home building experience easier and smarter.

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