Just for the Health of It

Our homes are our shelter and refuge, and creating and maintaining a healthy home is an active choice that not only affects us personally but also affects the health of our family, the world and all those who live on it as well. Yet our modern, complex, lifestyles bring us into contact with many things that may negatively impact our health, often without even knowing it. Health and happiness go together like peanut butter and jelly. While health and happiness are inevitably linked, we often struggle with seeming trade-offs. For instance, a trade-off between convenience and health. We enjoy the convenience of many packaged items for cleaning our homes, eradicating pests in our homes, melting ice, and so many more things. A quick read of the label may send us looking for a dictionary to understand the long list of ingredients, many that we can’t even pronounce. Yet, many alternatives abound. In the Shelton Group’s blog Because Health is Everything,” Suzanne Shelton remarks that to “buy greener products is to protect the health our loved ones.” The good news is that many much healthier do-it-yourself and make-it-yourself alternatives abound. From changing the products we use to making greener choices in building and remodeling, once you start with a few new practices, it’s certain you’ll want to do more – just for the health of it!

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