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090216 Door FoamBuilding science is all about how a building, a home, performs. As we’ve been looking for a new place to live, building science has gotten very personal. A home looking good is important, yet equally important is how well a home performs. And that’s where the building science comes in. Building science is understanding how a home works as a system and how this affects the homes performance. By performance, think of the benefits a home offers us, such as comfort, health, safety, durability, ease and convenience. So, as we’ve been looking at homes, we’ve been able to consider how well a home delivers on these benefits.  While I am not an expert in building science, I know enough to identify the features that typically help to deliver on the benefits and we have found a home that looks good and performs well. Working with a builder, remodeler or other home professional who understands building science is a great way to get a home that performs as well as it looks great. To get in on the building science gab, check out the Green Gab podcast The Art of the Science.


Most homeowners and home buyers likely don’t think about building science. Yet understanding the basics of building science will go a long way towards getting the home that performs as well as it looks good – for both new and existing houses. We ran a guest post a few years ago – A Building Science Primer, where the basics of building science are introduced. The author, a building science specialist, also offers classes to better understand the basics of building science, especially helpful when building or remodeling a house.

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