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As I roll11282016bloged back into our neighborhood a few days ago, I saw so many holiday lights up already. Seriously folks – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! I guess the unseasonally warm weather prompted many a household to take advantage of the weather and get them up.

Holiday lights are part of our culture and I personally love seeing them too. Fortunately we have great options to light up your life and still keep it green – spending less energy and money while finding light options that will keep shining for years to come.

Lights are part of our life in all facets and are also a major portion of our monthly electric bill. Great options for lighting throughout your home are available today. LED bulbs and fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, price points and brightness/color options to fit just about any lighting situation you may have. And the prices have come down so much! I just bought a 2-pack of LED bulbs for 1.99!!! And they look great. Great quality lighting with lots of versatility is here. If you are up for a bit of a lighting update in your home, a few places to start…

  • To learn more about lighting and energy efficiency, check out the Green Gab Podcast Energy Independence with Brillance. You can catch it on iTunes too (just be sure to search for “Green Gab Podcast”)
  • Find the light (or light fixture) that is on the most in your home and update it to an LED bulb (or bulbs). Your local lighting store is usually a great source for advice on which bulbs will work best for your individual situation.
  • Update at least some of your holiday lights to LEDs. They may cost a bit more, yet they will easily pay back in energy savings and how long they will last. Learn how to get started with our blogs LED Holiday Fun and Energy Efficient and A Little Sparkle.
  • If you are using CFLs, be sure to recycle them when they burn out and replace them with LEDs.

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