Lessons Learned With My Remodel

As we go through our busy everyday lives oftentimes it can be easy to overlook preventative house maintenance especially when it involves water. This is because lot of it goes on behind the scenes of where we see every day, like behind walls or under shower pans. Once overlooked these maintenance issues can turn into much bigger projects! This is very often the way that water damage occurs in properties. We don’t even know it is an issue until the damage is done!

2015-01-05 20.51.45-1 That is exactly what happened to me recently with a tub/shower in my home. However once the damage was discovered it was time to bring in the experts to help make it right. This project was quite simple in the scheme of house remodeling however even with this small job I was quickly reminded of a couple of important key points to consider when embarking on a project whether it is big or small. Communication is KEY! Having a open dialog with clear requirements on project expectations and timelines will prevent a lot of frustration on both ends. Also it is paramount to remember that in remodeling as with almost any project across any industry there are always hiccups in the road so to speak. This especially holds true with remodeling projects because you just don’t ever know for sure what you are literally going to uncover or discover.2015-01-06 14.02.53 So this is where proper planning can save tons of time energy and effort. Give your project budget a little room for the unknown so you will not be blind sided with the additional expense, and remember patience is key when addressing problems that arise from unanticipated places. So remember these key points 1) Hire a professional, 2) Create an atmosphere of clear and open communication from the start including reasonable expectations and timelines, 3) plan for some roadblocks to emerge whether they are related to cost or completion time, and lastly2015-01-06 14.28.38 4) Save yourself a lot of stress and grief and just practice as much patience as possible because in the end it will all come together beautifully and as expected if you follow these simple tips.

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