LEED and NGBS-Required Owner Education Webinar


USGBC’s LEED and NAHB’s Green Building Standard both require “owner education” to help deliver the resources and information to help homeowners achieve the full potential of their high performing homes. It is more than just handing over a binder of product brochures and a 5 minute walk-through of the site. This one-hour webinar with HomeNav’s Marla Esser Cloos shared the detailed requirements and best practices to successfully provide the necessary information.


During this live, green building webinar, topics include:

  • How to research the information required to meet LEED and National Green Building Standard for all green homes – new, remodeled, or renovated.
  • How to provide your clients with information (easily) to help them save money on repairs, replacements and utilities that reduce the total cost of home ownership.
  • How to easily guide your clients to common maintenance solutions.
  • Alternative methods of delivering home owner education and documentation.


To view a recorded version of this webinar, visit the Green Expo 365 courses website. You will have to sign up, but registration is free.

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