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My dear friend Tina recently asked me to do a guest spot with her and her business Home Tips for Women. We share some green ways to light up your Holiday Season using LED lights and how to recycle old Holiday lights.

Tina and I enjoy working together in regards to sharing tips and resources for your home but knew we were destined to work with one another after discovering we had both worked for the same company for 10+ years without knowing each other. What a small world we live in!

I hope you can find some of my tips helpful and take a small step towards ‘greening up’ your home!

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What types of holiday lights make sense today?

Everyone loves the holidays. You get to enjoy family traditions and pass them along to the next generation … but they take time and we don’t have an endless supply of time (how I wish we did). By adding extra activities to our busy schedule, it often means trying to do too much. It’s easy to end up so exhausted that we don’t enjoy ourselves. That’s why we’re hosting experts to share 24 holiday tips to give you tips for moving through the holidays with ease. We hope you enjoy these tips on using LED for all your holiday lights, to lower your electric bill and they’ll last longer so you won’t have to swap out burned out light bulbs as much.

Favorite Holiday Activity

My favorite holiday activity started when my oldest was in kindergarten. They started making gingerbread houses (they actually use graham crackers) and we’ve continued the tradition for years (my daughter is in college). It’s a fun evening and it’s grown into a neighborhood party. We get to relax with our kids and as adults, catch up with parents and other adult neighbors in the area.

3 Tips: Using LED Holiday Lights to Save Energy

HomeNav.com, is all about helping create houses that are green. For me, green starts with helping builders document the materials and techniques that make houses energy and water efficient. HomeNav also helps homeowners maintain their homes better, and  we collaborate on home maintenance tips. when buying new LED holiday lights, don't forget to recycle your old lights

  1. Replace old holiday lights with new LED lights. They’ll last longer, are easier to replace burned out bulbs and they’re now available in many different products for inside your home, as well as exterior holiday lights.
  2. Recycle your old lights locally, or you can mail them to HolidayLEDs.com. Yes, there’s really a website and company here (photo at right) and after shredding the lights, the sort them (pvc, glass, copper), to reuse the raw materials.
  3. Rethink your holiday light strategy as you can do much more with LED lights. They use less electricity so you can string more together without creating a safety hazard, you can run them on batteries (think front door wreath, candles in windows, etc) and they come in many colors so you can use them in new ways.

Most Important Holiday Goal

For me, the holidays are a time for reconnecting with family and friends – I get together with my sisters after Christmas. I love catching up with people in person, over the phone (or Skype) and through Christmas cards and family letters with news about everyone’s year. To read Marla’s guest blog on Home Tips for Women, click here!

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