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092216-blogTrue confession – I love IKEA! I can’t help it. “Designed for people, not consumers” sings the cover of their fall catalog (I know, a paper catalog – it is the only one I still receive). I so, so love not being classified as a “consumer” as if I was only defined by my buying habits. Yet, there is an element of truth in each of us being labeled a “consumer.” Our buying habits do help define us some – our health, our impact on our families, friends, community and yes, even the world. With the huge emphasis on organic food and products, many of us are paying attention to what goes in and on our bodies. And there are other considerations that we may each take into account about the products we buy for ourselves, families and friends. And each of us makes those decisions based upon our personal values and priorities. That is why I love the “designed for people, not consumers” line. Each of us is a singular person who makes buying decisions based on what works for us, rather than only what a company wants to sell. For those companies that figure out how to do both and do it with less impact on this world we call home – sweet magic – a triple win!

IKEA is by no means the only company doing this, I just keep running across it. And they have made it more prominent in their advertising and content. I jumped onto their web site to check the dimensions for a piece I am moving to our new home and “A healthier planet begins at home…explore our Sustainability Guide” greets me.  They share easy to understand information about different ways their products are sustainable, energy efficient, water efficient, and so on. They share what they as a company are doing to impact people and planet in their stores, their manufacturing and their processes. They make it easy to live better.

Education and easy to access and understand information about green and sustainable choices are the starting points to all of us learning to live better.

To get the gab and more on learning to live better (and greener), check out the Green Gab Podcast “Green Living – Saving Ourselves”  You can catch it on iTunes too (just be sure to search for “Green Gab Podcast” to bypass the Anne of Green Gables entries).

Manufacturers of all types are sharing what they are doing in the sustainability and green realm. Check out companies’ web sites and literature to get a better idea if their priorities and values match yours. There are a lot of choices for the products we buy and use and buying from companies that match your values is a great way to encourage companies to do more.

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For more information about green homes and green living, check out www.GreenHomeCoach.com.

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