Just Next to Ferguson

8.13.15 Blog Photo 2St. Louis is again in the national news. Protesters marched August 9 on the 1-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. Later in the week, I drove north for site inspections of houses we are green certifying. Houses just next to Ferguson. As I drove through the streets with beautiful huge trees, I saw dozens of signs “we must stop killing each other.” Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes. While learning from the “how this happened” and the “why this happened” helps us, somehow, some way, we just need to stop. Stop relying on our experiences, stop relying on the past, stop feeling like this is someone else’s problem. This affects all of us. Maybe not directly, yet it still does. I think we all get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to see. See people, see relationships, see community, and see our own true self.

I am blessed to work in the housing industry as a small part of providing quality housing for people who might not otherwise have a shot at decent housing. Housing remains a critical issue for thousands and thousands of Americans, as well as people around the world. Housing provides shelter, safety and protection – critical factors in our well-being as human beings. Housing is big business and it is huge driver of our economy, as evidenced by the financial crisis of 2008-2009. Yet the importance of housing as a basic human need remains.

So, for now, I will continue my small part of providing green home coaching, certification and education in the affordable housing sector wherever I can. I am also doing more inspiring and educating of residents and homeowners, especially women, since we typically make 90% of the decisions about our homes. I have a vision to empower women in their homes and communities. Empowering women to have homes that are safe, healthy, comfortable, easy to take care of and afford. It is all starting to come together. I want to do more, yet I don’t yet know exactly what that looks like.

Do you have ideas?   I’d love to hear them.

To read about Rebuilding Ferguson, check out my blog on HomeNav  Help Ferguson Rebuild Dreams.

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Gwyn August 14, 2015, 1:20 pm

Marla, Thank you for sharing. We absolutely have to stop killing each other. All life is precious and the sooner we recognize that – the better.

Gary Steps August 14, 2015, 4:08 pm

I am also sad when I drive through the area. The combination of weather events, black on black violence, and general low employment opportunities just appears to be a death spiral. The newest breakout of violence brought the city back to the front of the headlines worldwide – not how we would like St Louis to be thought of.

It is a strange juxtaposition to be at Earthdance, one of our clients in Furguson. Standing in the middle of a large farm full of tomatoes, herbs, and other crops, completely surrounded by trees, it is hard to think about the burned out buildings and tension just a few blocks away. Until I drive out.

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