How to Talk Green

The cooler weather of fall here in St. Louis brings more festivals with up to half a dozen festivals every weekend in September and October.  Several of these festivals are at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, a vibrant part of the St. Louis community not only for their beautiful gardens and their work with plants around the world, but also for their work in sustainability.  This summer, the Earthways Center of the Missouri Botanical Gardens hosted the Green Homes Festival (at the Butterfly House, one of their other sites).

I had the honor of speaking at the festival about “How to “Talk Green” with your Builder or Remodeler.”  This topic has the effect of getting people to think about what the value of “green” in a home is and what that means to the people living in the home.  I’ve offered this topic from both perspectives – homeowners and buyers having a conversation with their builder or remodeler, as well as builders and remodelers opening a conversation with their clients.  The home industry is starting to talk more about the value and benefits of what “green” brings us.  “Green” can mean something different to each person, so having a conversation about a green home without understanding what is important, what the value is, often spirals into a tech-talk of the various features and their specifications.  This is like talking about the ingredients in my favorite latte without knowing why I wanted a latte in the first place.

This short video offers the highlights of the presentation “How to “Talk Green” with your Builder or Remodeler.  In the presentation, I offer tips on how to use the language of benefits to communicate your top priorities to your build team.   Benefits provide a more direct communication of priorities, as well as tie the features and “tech jargon” with the benefits you desire. You will discover it’s the value of the benefits, not the green features that make the house your home.


If you’d like to see the entire 20 minute presentation, it’s posted on the HomeNav YouTube channel.  What is important to you in your home?  Is it safety, health, comfort and so on?  I’d like to know.  Just leave a comment below to start the conversation.

To read more about The Green Homes Festival, check out my blog on HomeNav Just June for Sustainability.

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