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A few weeks ago, I spent 2 days in an advanced green building class. As much as I’ve learned about building science, this class made me realize that I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg. More importantly, it made me realize how utterly overwhelming this can be for a homeowner. I believe we all want to operate, maintain and improve our homes to maintain or better yet, improve, our quality of living. The complexity of the materials, systems and components in our homes makes this very challenging.

So What’s a Homeowner To Do?

While the home industry is getting better at communicating the many benefits of their products to their homeowner clients – homes, remodels, systems, fixtures, appliances…and so on and so forth, there is just a lot to know.  I personally sometimes want to stick my head in the sand…and I’m in the industry and actually understand much of what is being talked about.

To boot, the more I learned about building science (the science of all systems in a home affecting all other systems…i.e. air flow affects moisture in a home, which in turn can affect rot or mold…and similar types of dependencies), the more I realized how complicated it all is. Something as simple as a choice of wall covering type can literally affect the ability of a wall to dry out after a heavy rainstorm and most of us haven’t a clue.  We just know that there is a problem with the wall and it looks like water damage, but we can’t figure out where water could possibly come from in that spot (hint: it may be coming from inside the wall – not intuitive, I know.)

So Back To The Question – What’s a Homeowner To Do?

A few thoughts.  First, get professional advice and guidance when you have a challenge or issue in your home, especially when it concerns health and safety (this includes water issues).  They are the best qualified to assess the issue and figure out ways to correct or mitigate it.   I am a firm believer in several opinions since everyone handles things differently.  Your least costly option may not be the best though. To help you find information on a wide variety of topics concerning your home and the many pieces it is composed of, check out HomeNav.  It is a free resource and can help you easily locate information on many topics concerning the operation, maintenance and improvement of your home.

Our homes are wonderful places, albeit complicated ones.  To you and yours…and your home!


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