The HomeNav Facebook Community

homenav facebook community

Have you “Liked” the HomeNav Facebook Community yet? If not, you are missing out. With daily tips and advice from experts on home related topics and the opportunity to connect with other homeowners, you will see that HomeNav is more than your personal home management system. 

The HomeNav Facebook Community

Greening Your Home

Going Green At Home

Go green – a little or a lot – with our easy hints. Being environmentally friendly is not as hard as you may think. Simple steps can make a big difference for your family and the planet. The HomeNav Facebook Community is a great place to learn about new ways to go green. 


Innovations For Upgrades


Keeping up to date on all of the new innovations in the home building, appliances and remodeling industry can be tough. There are many aspects that going it to making changes and upgrades to your home. We strive to search out and deliver to you useful resources that help you make smart decisions.

Getting the information you need to improve, update and grow your home is one of our top priorities for the HomeNav Facebook Community. 


New Technology


Searching for the latest technology for home management and maintenance? We are always on the lookout for everything from new technology for managing your home, to the best tools for maintaining. We keep you up to date.




Energy Savings

Home energy saving resources

Energy savings tips, resources and other home management advice can also be found here. The ability to share your success and learning about what others have done to save energy and money, is what makes the HomeNav Facebook Community great!




HomeNav is more than just a home inventory resource and home management system, it is also a community that helps to make your home safe, clean, green and much, much MORE! 

connecting with homenav on facebook

Join the HomeNav Facebook Community by visiting and start finding new ways to manage, protect and enjoy your home!

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