A Home that Looks Good and Performs Well

 Thank you to AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology – for sponsoring this Green Gab podcast episode The Home Detective – Finding How to Get a Home to Perform Well.

If you’ve listened to a few of our podcast episodes or read a few of my blogs or my book, you know I’m a huge fan of homes that look good AND perform well. The problem is that many of our homes DON’T perform well.  They take up our weekends with maintenance and repairs. They have hot spots and too much humidity in the summer and cold spots and drafts in the winter. They get dusty and we get sneezy. We often don’t know what to look for in a home to tell if it will perform well.  That’s where energy professionals come to the rescue and Kellye Markowski is here to help.

Kellye Markowski with Energy Smart Homes is a residential and commercial energy audit provider and project management.  She works independently and does not promote any products. Her goal is to help homeowners/residents reduce their energy and costs and know the best course of action for their house. People take a stab at doing the right thing for their home or property, yet they typically do the wrong thing or do the steps out of order.

She helps our homes to perform well!

Building a home is about getting a structure up that shields and protects its residents from the elements. It may not be optimized for comfort. An energy professional can optimize the home for comfort. Comfort is driving a lot of home efficiency improvements, even more so than saving money. Not getting it right may make you miserable twice in terms of money and comfort. Energy efficiency in a home – new or existing – improves the experience in a home by increased comfort and saving money operating your home for the many years you live in that home.

AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology, offers a revolutionary air-sealing solution that solves the problem of homes that leak. Air leaks are a major factor in homes that may not be comfortable or perform well. AeroBarrier stops the leaks for improved comfort, health, and safety for the people living in the home.

Getting your home to the best performance you can is an investment that pays you back. The additional investment up front pays back in comfort and operational costs for years.

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