Home Technology in Green Design

The home of the Jetsons has arrived. The “home of the future,” is now the “home of today.”

This is a home where lights turn on as you approach the driveway, the temperature adjusts before you get home, and the coffee maker starts on cue. We are starting to see refrigerators that notify us when we’re out of milk and dishwashers that run when electricity is the least costly. For the 55 and better crowd, this technology is a perfect fit for today’s active adults, and contributes to green and sustainable design principles. Home technology and automation offer the homeowners the ability to live safely and comfortably while maximizing energy and cost savings, as well as convenience. And as our society ages, technology provides a smoother transition to independent senior living later in life. Today’s control systems combined with sensors and monitoring enable a senior to live on their own longer while offering family and friends the peace of mind that they can be notified of irregular behavior or an emergency within moments via communications and alarms. It seems that home technology and green living support each other and help to optimize a living environment well suited for active adults in “the home of the future today.”

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