Home Systems That You Rely On

The Home Systems You Rely On

We rely on our homes for many things, such as shelter, comfort, convenience and safety. There are numerous home systems that work together to provide these comforts that are often taken for granted. When you are hot or cold, the heating and cooling system just works by adjusting the thermostat. If it is raining outside, the roof, siding, gutters and windows work to keep you dry and comfortable. And when you return home after a long day at work, you can simply push a button and the garage door opens. These are all examples of the systems in your home that seemingly work without effort.

But like all mechanical systems, they do require some maintenance and can break down. Having the right information to maintain them can prevent both minor inconveniences and major catastrophes.

Here are a few of the home systems that require routine maintenance or at least periodic inspection.

Heating and Cooling System

Heating and Cooling Home SystemsIn the summer when it is hot and humid or during the winter season when the temperatures drop, it is easy to just set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and go about your day. The fact is, there are very complex machines that spring into action automatically every time there is an adjustment made. These machines, otherwise known as the air conditioner and furnace, are generally very reliable.

Changing the filter in your heating and cooling system quarterly allows it to work less, which saves you money. This also helps to keep the air in your home cleaner, reducing the amount of dust that you breath.

Also make sure that your exterior air conditioner unit is cleaned and the area is clear of objects that can restrict the flow of air. Because this home system is reliant on air flow, it can quickly become choked up with dust and leaves that keep it from working efficiently. Your local heating and cooling specialist can help you with ways to keep it clean and free of debris.

An inspection by a service technician each year is a good idea as well.  This simple and inexpensive step can help to avoid costly and inconvenient emergency repairs. A heating and  cooling specialist is trained to recognize potential issues and fix them before there is an unplanned malfunction.

Exterior Home Systems

Exterior Home SystemsThe exterior systems work to keep your home dry and comfortable. The roof, windows, siding and gutters serve as a barrier from rain, wind and even temperature. Being aware of their condition and any changes can help ensure they are always working to protect you and your family.

Because of their exposure to the elements, these exterior home systems can deteriorate over time. You can easily perform a visual inspection each month by taking a few minutes to walk around the outside of your home. Look for damage to siding and brick, raised shingles, and anything that looks out of the ordinary.

You can also contact a professional to inspect any of these aspects, should you feel there is a problem.

Another system on the exterior of your home to pay attention to are the gutters and down spouts. These can fill up with leaves and debris, allowing water to cause damage to your home. It is a good idea to make sure they are cleaned out each spring and fall.

Garage Door Home Systems

garage door home systemsThey seem rather simple. The button is pushed, the door goes up, right? Well yes, but there are moving parts that can wear. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for areas that need to be lubricated and cleaned. The automatic garage door openers also can require periodic maintenance that keep them running smoothly.

Home Maintenance Checklists

To help you ensure that your home systems are checked on a regular basis, HomeNav offers a series of Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklists. These handy tools are offered as a part of your free HomeNav membership. These make it easy to make sure you are keeping up with your home system maintenance and allow you to document any service that is performed. To access them, simply log into your HomeNav account and select Maintaining & Operating Your Home under the Homeowners Resources section. If you are not yet a member of HomeNav, you can sign up for free HERE.

By taking the time to inspect the home systems you rely on, you can rest assured that they will be working for you and your family. By taking a proactive approach to home systems maintenance, you will find there is more time for enjoying your home.

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