Organizing Home Storage With HomeNav

Organize Your Home Storage With HomeNav

Where Did We Store That?

There is one thing that is certain for homeowners, regardless of the size, home storage is always at a premium. From clothing and linens to holiday decorations and boxes of sentimental keepsakes, keeping your home storage organized is a challenge!

Organizing storage space so that you can find what you are looking for can be frustrating. We have all been through it. You put things away, only to not remember where you put it later. Here are the easy steps to create an organized home storage system using HomeNav.

Organizing Your Home Storage

With HomeNav, keeping home storage areas organized is easy. Here are the steps to include an inventory of your storage right from your HomeNav dashboard.

1. Find the level and room where you have items stored.

2. Choose “Add Feature” and select “Other” from the category menu.

3. Under “Type” click “Other” at the bottom of the menu and give it the name “Storage.”

4. Instead of a specific manufacturer, again choose “Other” and name the general type of items stored there. An example would be “Holiday Decorations”

5. For the model option, place the container type. ie: Holiday Boxes, Red Storage Tubs, File Cabinet Drawers

6. Under “Notes.” give each container a specific numerical designation that identifies it. Then list what the container has in it.

Home Storage System

Now you can refer back to the storage area in each room to find a list of what you have stored there. You also have the option of uploading spreadsheets, documents or even pictures of the contents for each specific storage area as well. This keeps you from guessing which box to root through to find what you are looking for.

Being able to quickly find stored items saves you time and aggravation. The best part is that you will always be able to find your home storage inventory in your HomeNav, and not spend a lot of time trying to figure out where you stored that too!

Home Storage Inventory made simple with HomeNav - Join Here!
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