Does your home need performance?

House Pic_Home PageI am attending the ACI National Home Performance Conference this week. It has been a great opportunity to interact and learn from another perspective, since this conference focuses on home performance for existing residences – both single and multi-family. So what exactly is “home performance?” According to Wikipedia, “home performance is a comprehensive whole-house approach to identifying and fixing comfort and energy efficiency problems in a home.”  Home performance is an important part of green remodeling too.

Since most of us live in an “existing residence” there is a lot to apply to both my business and to my own place. I believe most of us think our home performs relatively well, at least until we add up all the utility bills (don’t forget the water, sewer and trash bill – they count too!). It is so easy to forget that our homes are systems and changing one thing can impact others – the domino effect, if you will. Home Performance focuses on improving places for people – improving comfort and health, as well as finding ways to quit wasting money on energy and water that you don’t even use. Energy efficiency is important and systems, equipment and appliances will continue to improve so they use less and less energy. Yet wasted energy continues to be a big deal, and it likely is impacting your wallet as well. That’s exactly the point of energy-efficiency – find ways to stop wasting energy and money. One way to discover what you can do in your home starts with a quick homeowner questionnaire about your home, “The Home Performance Challenge.”  Find it at, thanks to The Building Performance Institute, Inc.  According to BPI,  Home Performance is:

Comfort – a comfortable home free of drafts, difficult temperatures and moisture issues.
Health – the health and safety of you and your family should never be compromised.
Efficiency – an energy-efficient home helps you stop wasting energy and money each month.

Their Home Performance Challenge questionnaire will help you to identify areas in your home that may need attention to improve performance.

More information about improving your home’s performance may be found in your HomeNav account in the Homeowner Resources section.

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