Home Energy Savings That Add Up

Home Energy Savings That Really Add Up!

When it comes to home energy savings, electricity is the one that typically costs us the most. It is also the easiest for us to cutback on to save on home energy. Electricity is a funny and interesting thing. While you cannot usually see it, it is still there. We pay thousands of dollars each year to have it accessible in our homes and take it for granted that it is available when we need it. With all of the electronic devices we rely on these days, it is easy to overlook what it costs us to have these devices ready to go when we need them. And these costs add up quickly.

In a previous post, I talked about finding out how much energy your electronic stuff uses. Taking that a step further, I recently ran across a cool infographic that breaks down several common household items and equates the energy cost of those items to the number of cases of beer you can buy with the wasted energy they use. You can take a look at the Unseen Energy Wasters infographic here. 

While everyone may not relate to the reward of being able to purchase more beer, it does demonstrate how home energy savings can quickly add up.

Home Energy Savings Do Not Mean Living In The Dark

Many relate energy costs and electricity use to light. This makes sense because light is the most common way that we can actually see our energy use. While turning off unneeded lights is a way to reduce energy use, there are quite a few other areas to save energy without living in the dark. Any device in your home that is plugged in, uses electricity whether it is turned on or not. Simply connecting them to a smart power strip or just unplugging them will automatically save energy and save you money.

To find more home energy savings tips and ideas, visit your HomeNav Dashboard and select the Efficiencies In Your Home section. If you do not yet have a HomeNav account, the good news is that it is free! Sign up here.

Home Energy Savings Tips From HomeNav 

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