Home Disaster Recovery Plan

Home Disaster Recover Plan

When faced with a home disaster, the first priority is safety. The second is recovery. Establishing a home disaster recovery plan ahead of time can help to fast-track the road back to normal.

HomeNav recently took part in  Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference, hosted by the St. Louis University Center For Sustainability. As the conference was being held, Hurricane Sandy was unleashing an unprecedented  blow to the east coast. This dramatic event caused devastation to countless homes, leaving homeowners scrambling to find the basic necessities and wondering where to turn for assistance.

A Proactive Home Disaster Plan

While Hurricane Sandy is just the most recent natural disaster to make the news, there are many families that are faced with home disaster everyday. From house fires and floods to damaging storms, there is always the possibility that an unforeseen disaster could strike at any time. With this in mind it is a very good idea to take a proactive approach and create a  home disaster recovery plan. This collection of information and resources can become invaluable when it appears that all is lost.

Too often, homeowners are caught off guard by home disaster, leaving the path to recovery littered with uncertainty and confusion. In many cases, the information you need is stored within the damaged or destroyed home, making it virtually impossible to know who to contact and where to turn for help.

Building A Home Disaster Recovery Plan

With HomeNav, create an action plan that includes:

  • emergency contacts,
  • home inventory,
  • home and financial documents and files
  • trusted contractors and utility providers
  • information and resources to help start recovery

Having a home disaster recovery plan that is stored safely online with HomeNav, allows you to quickly connect with the resources you need and know what steps to take first. When creating your plan, a great place to start is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) website. There you will find helpful advice and suggested actions you can take now to ensure your family is protected should you be faced with a home disaster. Also, F.E.M.A. has a smartphone app that connects your mobile phone with their information as well. These and many other home disaster resources are available within HomeNav and are free to access from your dashboard.


No one can be completely prepared for a home disaster, but by taking a proactive approach, you can know where to turn to begin the path to recovery.

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