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A builder in my new city asked me what I do as a “Green Home Coach?” When I explained that I connect people with the value and benefits a green home provides them, I got raised eyebrows. I went on to explain that many builders already are including many green practices and features in the homes they build, yet they are not talking about it and connecting home buyers (and realtors, designers and many others) to the value those practices and features offer. They don’t see the hidden green in their homes.

*Photography by Abby Hudson

I heard from another person I met that this new city of mine doesn’t have much “green” and does not seem too concerned with it.  Understandable, especially if they don’t know why they should care and why it improves their lives and community. Again, a case of hidden green. We don’t know what we don’t know.

There are many ways a person, company and community can be green. And many of them, don’t have “green” in their name. Ideas include – energy-efficient buildings, mass transit, greenways/parks/trails, walkability, durability, long-lasting, repairable…and so on.  The idea of green is holistic and includes practices and features which embrace many values we hold to be important.


What are a few hidden green items that may be showing up in your life? Buying local food, goods and services helps keep your local community thriving and reduces the need for transportation and the fuel and pollution that may accompany it. Programming your thermostat (or buying one that uses technology to do it for you) to enjoy saving energy (and money) when you don’t need it. Working in a green certified building where your health and comfort are improved so you are more productive and feel good too. These are just the tip of the iceberg for hidden green in your life and community.

There are likely organizations and groups in your community which may help you to explore the hidden green in your community and life. US Green Building Council has chapters in many cities across the US and offers programs, education and opportunities to get involved in programs serving the community. Many cities and communities are creating or expanding greenways, parks, community gardens and trails. And a growing number of communities have some type of sustainability or green office or staff member, often accompanied by volunteer opportunities. Even your homeowners’ association or neighborhood group may offer opportunities to help improve the livability and well-being for the residents of your neighborhood. ­­­In my opinion, the secret to finding the hidden green is thinking big-picture and acting locally – in our own homes and communities.

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